Content Submission

Content Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Unity of Kalamazoo.  We disseminate information to congregants through a variety of sources.  This means that there are several guidelines for what types of materials you will want to submit for the widest distribution.  

Important:  To have your message distributed on all platforms, you must submit the necessary items for each platform! 

For best results, events and announcements should be promoted for six weeks prior to your event.  We require two weeks between the time you submit your required items and the publication date.  Therefore, to ensure your event/announcement is promoted for the full six weeks, you will want to submit your items 8 weeks before your event.  While we do the best we can on short notice, please know that being late will result in your event/announcement being promoted for a shorter period of time.  

PowerPoint during Service

We accept completed PowerPoint slides for integration into our service presentation.   

Your slide(s) must be formatted at a 4:3 (landscape) ratio.  

Text should be a minimum of size 36 font.  The font must be legible.  Include a maximum of 30 words on the slide.  

Images used should be those to which you own copyright, or those which are copyright free.

If you are unable to create a PowerPoint slide, please send a relevant image file and a text "blurb" concisely describing your announcement.  We will create an appropriate slide using these source materials.

Posters & Flyers

Please submit PDF files.  Publisher or Word files are also acceptable.  

Please submit a full sheet version and a half sheet version to fit 8.5"x11".  Ensure that your font is legible at both sizes.  

Either Portrait or Landscape formatting is acceptable.

Email Newsletter

Please send a relevant image file and a text "blurb" concisely describing your announcement. 

Image files in .jpg .gif and .png format are acceptable.

Important note:  PDF files are not compatible with our email system.   

Images of posters and flyers may not be acceptable for this purpose, as the images are often too small to decipher embedded text.




Of course, all submissions must go through the appropriate approval process.  If you are uncertain how to proceed, please contact for guidance.